All position tyre. Reinforced casing (HD), Excellent grip on rough surfaces

Minimized operating costs 
• Durability under demanding condition of usage 
• 30% bigger cables for summit protection belts, bead and casing ply

Reinforced casing (HD)
• Tread robustness for all kinds of road surface
• Michelin truck casing with crown and sidewall protections
• 2 Kgs of additional metallic reinforcement added compared to non HD casing* 

Excellent grip on rough surfaces
• Aggressive tread pattern design with 10.5 mm wide zigzag grooves and a high tread groove ratio of 21.6%

* Based on internal results.


Please download Agilis HD tyre leaflet below:

Size & Details Position Application
7.50 R 16 122/121L AGILISH HD VI MI all Light Trucks / Regional / Urban