Significant fuel savings, High mileage performance, Excellent wet grip

Significant fuel savings
• 3-10% fuel cost reduction at nominal conditions vs standard radial tyres due to very low rolling resistance performance

Resistance to tread aggressions
• Specific design of shoulder area for high resistance against kerbing and lateral scrubbing

High mileage performance
• Tread rubber compound highly resistant to abrasion
• Directional pattern that brings high traction performance while offering good regular wear 

Excellent wet grip
• 5 widened grooves for optimized water evacuation

Please download XDA 2+ ENERGY tyre leaflet below:

XDA 2+ ENERGY Leaflet

Size & Details Position Application
295/60 R 22.5 XDA 2+ ENERGY TL 150/147K MI drive Long Haul
315/60 R 22.5 XDA 2+ ENERGY TL 152/148L MI drive
295/80 R 22.5 XDA 2+ ENERGY TL 152/148M MI drive Long Haul / Regional