All-terrain, all-position radial tyre for special service such as Emergency Response Vehicles in off road applications

Mobility and varied applications on all types of surface
• Deep, open tread pattern and shoulders giving excellent traction
• Large contact patch for optimum floatation on sand
• Designed to allow the use of chains, micro-siping and studs 

Robust, comfort and safety on and off-road
• On road handling comparable to road tyres
• Low operating temperature allowing long distances to be covered at sustained speed
• Rubber compounds highly resistant to abrasion and accidental damage

Tough and reliable in all conditions 
• Casing and tread designed to reduce uneven wear and maximise tread life on and off road


Size & Details Position Application
365/85 R 20 XZL TL 164G MI all Off road
395/85 R 20 XZL TL 168G MI all Off road
365/80 R 20 XZL TL 152K MI all Off road
12.00 R 20 XZL TL 154/149K MI all Off road
445/65R22.5 XZL TL 168G MI all Off road
335/80 R 20 XZL TL 141K MPT MI all Off road
24 R 21 XZL TL 176G MI all Off road
255/100 R 16 XZL TL 126K MI all Off road
16.00R20 XZL TL 173G MI all Off road