Reinforced Casing (HD), improved mileage potential and reduced costs for trucks spending most of their time on road and works access

Improved mileage potential

• MICHELIN X® WORKS™ D +15% longer service life

* Better endurance and resistance

• Powercoil  technology leads to a new generation of more robust steel casing cables

• Better endurance and reduced rolling resistance

Reinforced casing (HD)

• Tread robustness for all kinds of road surface

• Michelin truck casing with crown and sidewall protections

* Compared to X® WORKS™ XZY, X® WORKS™ XDY in 315/80 R 22.5 and XZY 3 in 385/65 R 22.5


Size & Details Position Application
10.00R20 X WORKS HD D TT 147/143K VM MI drive On/Off Roads
315/80R22.5 X WORKS HD D TL 156/150K VG MI drive On/Off Roads