All position tyre. Excellent Traction, Extended Casing Life, Exceptional Durabilty

Excellent Traction 
• Optimized traction for soft soil and mud
• Non-directional tread designing which allows multiple retreads

Extended Casing Life
• Full Width Elastic Protector Ply for enhanced protection
• Michelin’s rectangular bead bundle, a Michelin exclusive, to minimize fatigue and extend casing life 

Exceptional Durabilty
• Protection against aggression, chipping and scaling
• Extra robust 4-steel belt construction
• Groove bottom protectors for protection from stone drilling

Please download XZY 3 tyre leaflet below:

X WORKS XZY 3 Leaflet

Size & Details Position Application
10.00 R 20 XZY 3 16PR MI all On/Off Roads
12.00 R 20 XZY 3 18PR MI all On/Off Roads
11 R 22.5 XZY 3 TL 148/145K MI all On/Off Roads
11.00 R 20 XZY 3 16PR MI all On/Off Roads
445/65 R 22.5 XZY 3 TL 169K MI all On/Off Roads
385/65 R 22.5 XZY 3 TL 160K MI all On/Off Roads
425/65 R 22.5 XZY 3 TL 165K MI all On/Off Roads