Michelin Australia Pty Ltd Decides To Recall Approximately 3,200 Truck Tyres


Melbourne, September 24, 2018 - As a precautionary measure, Michelin has decided today to launch a voluntary recall of approximately 3,200 truck tyres in Australia.

The designated tyre is the Michelin brand 305/70 R22.5 X MULTI Z 152/150L TL.

These tyres were all manufactured at Michelin’s truck tyre factory in Spain between 5th October 2016 and 6th June 2018. They were sold in Australia during the period 1st November 2016 through 31st August 2018.

The tyres have the following tyre identification number on the sidewall:

DOT HA3M followed by the number (week and year) 4016 (inclusive) to 2218 (inclusive).

Only the tyres in their first life are concerned. Re-treaded Michelin 305/70R22.5 X Multi Z 152/130L TL tyres are excluded from this recall.

Michelin scrutinizes rigorously the performances of its tyres according to the local running conditions in each country. Recently, some damages occurred in some fleets in Australia which lead us to conclude that there may be an anomaly affecting the tread rubber only of the MICHELIN 305/70R22.5 X MULTI Z 152/150L TL which was no longer complying with the required Michelin internal standards. Although there have been no reported instances of rapid pressure loss, from the occurrences of reported tyre tread damage and our investigations, the decision was made by Michelin to take pro-active and precautionary measures to recall the tyres from the Australian market. This decision was guided by the utmost importance that Michelin places on safety and customer satisfaction. The decision is made to ensure the safety of end-users in Australia notwithstanding the fact that there is no safety risk directly linked to this and no injury or death has been reported in Australia.

For further assistance please contact the Michelin call centre on 1800 800 538. The call centre is open from 7.30am to 5:00pm Australian Eastern Standard Time (“AEST”), Monday through Friday.